Dear Walking Friends from near and far, Finally the time has come. IVV-Europe has a new homepage. I´m looking forward to your visit on the internet. Enjoy reading and browsing. You will also have good access to helpful and current information prepared for you. When preparing the pages, it was important for us that you will find the information easily and with as few „clicks“ as possible.
Our goal is to inform you about the current status of Volkssport events in Europe. This is the beginning, and we want to make the homepage into a broad information platform. We depend on the help of all member countries and direct member clubs. I warmly recommend the integrated search for events – a support for your weekly walking plan.
My special thank goes to the President of IVV-France, FFSP, Mr. Guy Borsenberger for assuming the cost and particularly to FFSP Vice President Fabrice Wagner for the construction of the homepage. This would not have been possible without these voluntary commitments.
Visit us regularly, it is worth it!
We are happy to receive your feedback and ideas for improvement.
For this, please contact:
uwe.kneibert@ivv-europe.eu georges.kintziger@ivv-europe.eu
See you on a walk in Europe.
Uwe Kneibert
President IVV - Europe

IVV Digital Meeting in Trier:

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Is digital hiking the future in the IVV?
This question and how digital technology can be used for hiking in the next few years were the subject of a workshop of the International People's Sports Association on 4 November 2017 in Trier. Invited by the IVV - Europe, 22 representatives from 10 countries took part in this event.
The IVV had formed a working group on the subject of "IVV digital" at the Rio 2016 delegates' conference. Members of the working group are: Georges Kintziger (Luxembourg), Michael Mallmann (Germany), Walter Motz (Germany) Peter Schamaitis (Germany) Fabrice Wagner (France).
Among several applicants, the company Hahn IT was awarded the contract to develop a concept with regard to the digitization of hiking sports. Together with the working group "IVV-Digital", the company created a load and specification book. This contains a complete and detailed specification of all requirements for the software project from the point of view of the company Hahn IT, as well as the specifications of the IVV how and when this will be implemented.
Messrs. And Kühn und Mitte - both from Hahn IT - presented the project in conjunction with a PowerPoint presentation to all those present. Her presentation was divided into the following areas:
1. What is it about?
2. What is the benefit for the IVV?
3. What is our solution?
4. How high do we estimate costs and time?
5. Why is HIT the right partner?
For the individual points there were numerous questions from the participants and it developed a lively discussion.
At the end of the session, the national associations assessed the project and its plans in short statements. It was important for everyone how the project could be financed. The IVV - Europe will work with the IVV-Digital working group to establish contacts with the EU in order to find out whether funding for such a project can be obtained. The majority of the national associations present were in favor of continuing the project and implementing the digitization of hiking. However, everyone agreed that over a longer period of time, the old and the new systems will run side by side.

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IVV Europe meeting

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The IVV–Europa met in Hirtshals/Denmark On September 9, the IVV-Europe Congress of Delegates took place in Hirtshals/Denmark. The focus of the meeting was on the reports of the Presidium, reelections of the board, allocation of the 5th Europiad 2020 and the new venue for the meeting in 2019. President Uwe Kneibert reported about the events of the two previous years, the development of both Cups, the Europiad in Kitzbühel/Austria in 2016 and the creation of the new homepage. Future aims are gaining new member countries in Europe, a better network of all European member countries and an improvement of reporting about IVV-Europe in all member countries. Treasurer Friedel Ploner reported about a positive cash position in 2015 and 2016.

The previous Presidium was reelected for 4 more years and is composed of:
    President: Uwe Kneibert, Germany
    Vice President: Alberto Guidi, Italy
    Vice President: Georges Kintziger, Luxembourg
    Treasurer: Friedel Ploner, South Tyrol

New Auditors elected:
    Walter Motz, Germany
    Paul Sandt, Luxembourg

The next IVV-Europe Congress of Delegates takes place in Aix-en-Provence on October 14, 2019, one day prior to the opening of the 16th IVV Olympiad. The 5th Europiad will be organized in Sillian/Austria in 2020. IVV-Europe invites all member countries to an international meeting in Trier from November 3 – 5, 2017 on the issue of „IVV-Digital“ – the future of walking with modern media. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to visit the big wandering dune, the sanded church and the conjunction of Skagerrak and Kattegat at the northernmost point of Denmark.
A special thank goes to IVV-Denmark and their President Gunnar Faarup Nielsen for the excellent organization of the meeting.

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IVV Calendar

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Sales price 10 Eur
Shipping: please contact us
The new IVV european event calendar will be available soon !

More than 1000 IVV events in Europe.
For more information contact us : contact@ivv-europe.eu

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