Dear Walking Friends from near and far, Finally the time has come. IVV-Europe has a new homepage. I´m looking forward to your visit on the internet. Enjoy reading and browsing. You will also have good access to helpful and current information prepared for you. When preparing the pages, it was important for us that you will find the information easily and with as few „clicks“ as possible.
Our goal is to inform you about the current status of Volkssport events in Europe. This is the beginning, and we want to make the homepage into a broad information platform. We depend on the help of all member countries and direct member clubs. I warmly recommend the integrated search for events – a support for your weekly walking plan.
My special thank goes to the President of IVV-France, FFSP, Mr. Guy Borsenberger for assuming the cost and particularly to FFSP Vice President Fabrice Wagner for the construction of the homepage. This would not have been possible without these voluntary commitments.
Visit us regularly, it is worth it!
We are happy to receive your feedback and ideas for improvement.
For this, please contact:
uwe.kneibert@ivv-europe.eu georges.kintziger@ivv-europe.eu
See you on a walk in Europe.
Uwe Kneibert
President IVV - Europe

IVV Calendar

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The new IVV european event calendar will be available soon !

More than 1000 IVV events in Europe.
For more information contact us : contact@ivv-europe.eu

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